Affiliate Product Examples

CBD Products

There were 100s of product results for “CBD” in the Shareasale database, here is a small sample of salves, tinctures and creams.

Grow Tents and Boxes

I think cannabis growing accessories is a good affiliate niche. It's a fun hobby that is becoming more and more common and accessible. The price point on the high-end kits makes for decent affiliate commissions.

About This Page

I built the product listings above using the Shareasale "Page Builder" Tool. Although the interface of tool seems a little buggy (crashed on a few attempts) -- this only took a few minutes to make. It creates cleanish html, that simply pasted into the WordPress editor and added additional text.

I am interested in seeing if this page gets any traffic or sales, and how long these product links remain in working order.

You can find more about the merchants available through Shareasale on my affiliate list.

Do you have any experience using Shareasale's page builder or similar tools? Please leave a comment below, thanks!

Published on May 14, 2020

1 thought on “Affiliate Product Examples”

  1. Thanks for all the information. Good stuff and a time saver for just getting into affiliate mktg.

    Maybe a little something to improve your site…move your twitter feed above your disclosure – the disclosure is mainly for legal reasons. While you are trying to be a straight-shooter/honest, you can still put it at the bottom of the page in a footer (and it then can be shared across all pages).

    Also, you might want to put a title above your twitter feed, if possible. Call it recent news or something catchy. Maybe that would be the focus of your Twitter feed?

    Keep up the good work and I hope this is providing a living for you.


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