About This Website

THCaffiliates.com is a website about cannabis-related business and affiliate marketing.

It was created in 2018 to help digital marketers and publishers stay in the loop and connect with cannabis merchants, wholesalers, publishers and affiliates.

I keep an eye out for new and cannabis-related business services and affiliate programs that might be of interest to my readers, and update those pages regularly.

About the Author

Hi. I’ve been publishing and earning a living from websites since 2002.

I started planning this website when recreational cannabis was announced to go legal in Canada a few years ago.

I knew there was almost infinite potential in legal income with marijuana, and it would be cowboy land of opportunity for the foreseeable future.

With CBD and hemp products becoming completely legal in the United States, and more states legalizing recreational marijuana each year — the opportunities keep growing.

My expertise is in online business and affiliate marketing. I’ve been working online since the early 2000s, and I raised my kids earning an income passively through advertising by publishing quality content.  Now that my kids are adults, I work a real job in online publishing.

This is my side gig.

If you run a cannabis-related business and want to collaborate in some way, or just want to say hi. Give me a shout!

Thanks for stopping by.

PS: You can follow me on Twitter @thcaffiliates to keep in touch and stay up-to-date on important cannabis news. (I’ve replaced my blog aspirations with tweets)