Cannabis Affiliate & Business Resources: How Make Money Online with Legal Weed

Howdy! This website,, was formed to provide no-nonsense information about all things related to the business of Cannabis.

Marijuana-based products have become legal for both medical and recreational use in Canada, Uruguay, and a growing number of other countries & parts of the United States.

You don’t have to sell weed (or even use it) to participate in the booming legal marijuana economy. Novel business opportunities are appearing daily to keep up with the ever-expanding medical and recreational applications of marijuana. These quick shifts are creating a bustling of startups, investors, and dreamers who are excited for new opportunities in the business of cannabis.

On this blog, I attempt to provide up-to-date news, stats, and links to affiliate programs and other ways to get started in online marijuana.

I hope you find the resources on this website useful, informative and inspiring.

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— Toni

Latest Updates

September 15 / 2019

B2B resources and Affiliate program pages updated. New pages added for software and tools of interest to affiliates.

May 10 / 2019

Many new affiliate & referral programs added to the list. More coming soon. Thanks for submissions & happy to get recommendations. Twitter feed added.

Jan 25 /2019

Happy New Year. Follow us on Twitter @thcaffiliates

Dec 20/2018

Updates to many pages. Finally getting some traffic, and getting picked up by search engines and social media. Looking forward to the new year — we’ve got a dozen special features in the works.

Nov 25/ 2018

GrassCity, the popular online head shop with a sub-affiliate program, have updated and upgraded their affiliate program. Get the latest details on their affiliate program here.

Nov 03/ 2018

July 02/ 2018

  • Bug removed preventing non-www URLs from resolving. (Namecheap SSL issue, but was an easy fix)
  • New cannabis-related affiliate programs added.

June 30 / 2018