Canadian Dispensary POS and Retail Software

Canadian Cannabis shops have unique needs, eh? This quick introduction will help demystify cannabis Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and point you in the right direction to further your research.

Key Considerations When Choosing a POS

A suitable POS system will depend upon your individual needs. However, there are some standard features to consider. The most important pre-requisite for cannabis sale software is federal and provincial regulatory compliance, but there are other key considerations to keep in mind.

  • A quality POS system should include an easy-to-use interface, automatic compliance reports, and customer support.
  • Modular hardware packages allow dispensaries to buy precisely what they need without paying for nonessential extras.
  • Owners should look for systems that include comprehensive security features, unlimited products and sales capability, and real-time updates.
  • Dispensaries may also want to consider the POS company’s online software integrations and partnerships.

Canadian Dispensary Software and POS Systems

Here is a quick overview of the most popular, and tips to help you choose.

Cova POS Canada

Award-winning Cova POS system is fully customizable and offers programs for both the United States and Canada. Compliance features include a built-in age verification scanner, purchase limit alerts, hours-of-operation controls and one-click reports. Cova integrates with official seed-to-sale systems like BioTrackTHC, Leaf Data Systems and Metrc.

Cova’s POS has built-in cue capability, which helps speed up transactions to an average of 1.4 seconds. Cova claims that new users can learn the program in under five minutes, and the company provides fast customer support during business days, including emergency support on Sundays.

Security features include offline mode functions and tools to prevent internal theft. Hardware and software options range from touchscreen menus to a built-in loyalty rewards program. Cova integrates with Leafly, Weedmaps, GreenRush and I Heart Jane e-commerce sites.

Basic plans start at CAD $449 / month for single workstations and $60 for each additional workstation.

Greenline POS

Greenline offers dispensary owners a comprehensive set of management tools. Compliance features include automatic 30-gram weight limits and one-click report generation.

Greenline works exclusively with Canadian clients and facilitates easy importation from provincial product catalogs. The company’s inventory management software allows owners and employees to track movements across several locations.

Greenline integrates with Leafly, Dutchie, buddi, QuickBooks accounting, Budvue digital signage and Headset analytics. Customer support includes free training webinars and e-mail or live chat during business hours.

Greenline offers several hardware options, including a pocket scanner for inventory control. For enhanced security, Greenline commits to using only Canadian servers and provides cloud storage through Amazon AWS.

Pricing: Greenline POS systems start at CAD $500 monthly or $5000 yearly per store.


Techpos systems support multi-location dispensaries that need help managing human resources and large inventories.

Techpos offers integrated staff management software and clock-in/clock-out functions for employees. Besides complete inventory and product management systems, Techpos offers security features such as full data recovery and backup for six years.

Compliance options include automatic report generation, purchase limits, age verification and hours-of-operation controls.

Customer service includes free staff training and online support during hours of operation. Additionally, they offer free automatic updates for life.

Pricing: Potential customers should contact the company for a price quote. Techpos package costs depend on which hardware and features you choose.

By market size, Cover, Greenline and TechPOS are the biggest 3 dispensary POS systems in use in Canada. But, here are a few others worth looking into:


GlobalTill is a browser-based POS system. Features Canada-wide compliance reporting, integrates with Leafy, Budvue, and GlobalTill also helps Canadian dispensaries integrate with Square Pay.


BarnetPOS – Long-time retail software company with a Cannabis POS system worth considering. Features include menu boards, built-in loyalty program, management of e-commerce and POS from the same database, and 24/7 support.

Shopify POS

Shopify can be an excellent place for start-ups to manage online dispensary sales. But Shopify’s appeal is not limited to small operations.

High-profile clients such as the Ontario Cannabis Retail Corporation (OCRC) have also turned to the service for their POS needs. Shopify offers most of the features of other POS systems, with the exception of hardware options.

Shopify’s POS provides high-volume capability, and boasts processing more than 100 cannabis orders per minute. Shopify offers online store design, marketing, order processing and shipping services.

Shopify’s unique features include automatic order confirmation, online auction management, and access to official product catalogs.

Conclusion and Further Resources

Although the above list are Canadian, there are many other dispensary POS systems growing in the US that might be worth looking into.

Most POS companies offer a free demo of their products and services, so cannabis companies should keep that in mind when they’re making their decision.

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