CBD Affiliate Programs: Which Convert & Pay Well?

There are so many CBD affiliate and advertising programs available right now, it’s hard to wade through the junk. Here’s my list of legitimate CBD affiliate programs that are worth your time.

I’ve been experimenting with dozens of the largest CBD brands and affiliate networks to see which actually convert, have good commissions and pay their affiliates. Here are my findings.

CBD Affiliate Programs

This list focuses exclusively on CBD & hemp affiliate programs, and how & where to sign up. I’ve ordered them from my most recommended at the top, and the newer unknown programs at the bottom:

Avid Hemp Affiliate & Wholesale

Avid Hemp – Very nice collection of products including CBD Vape Juice, oils, extracts, tinctures and gummies. Also, one of the few places I’ve seen promoting Keto CBD oil. They’ve been around for a few years, and that is a long time in the CBD world.

Pays 30% commission on sales, offers datafeeds & other tools for affiliates. Program managed via Shareasale.

I’ve been making two-tier sales from them, and the commissions are looking promising so far.

Chongs CBD Affiliate Program

Chong’s Choice CBD – High quality, 100% natural CBD oil and gummies. Becoming one of the most well-known celebrity CBD brands with lots of media coverage.

Tommy Chong’s CBD gummies are available under the Diamond CBD affiliate program, which is managed on Shareasale. Click through rates on celebrity brands helps — too bad they don’t have a larger variety of products.

Martha Stewart CBD Affiliate Program

Yes, there is a Martha Stewart brand of CBD gummies and oils.

Direct CBD is the distribution partner for the Martha Stewart line of “wellness” CBD products. You can find Direct CBD Online & Martha Stewart CBD products on the CJ.com or Shareasale affiliate networks.

Celebrity brands are great at catching attention in a saturated market like CBD wellness products.

cbdMD Affiliate Program

cbdMD is a well-established online brand of THC-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO CBD oil products for people and pets.

Offers 20% commission on sales with 90-day cookies. Managed on Impact platform.

JustCBD Affiliate Program

JustCBD – CBD gummies, candies, protein bars, isolate, drinks & other edibles. Pays 18% commission on referred sales. (program managed via CJ.com).

Drop shipping and bulk discounts available.

CBD Dog Health Affiliate Program

CBD Dog Health – CBD dog treats, tinctures & salves.

Pays 10% commission. 60 day cookie. Managed via Shareasale. Nice landing pages. Wholesale and bulk pricing available.

Nutra Pure LLC CBD Affiliate Program

Nutra Pure CBD – Offers multiple CBD brands including: CBDPureCBD Pets, and Swift CBD under one affiliate platform.

Pays 40% commission on sales, and also offer 5% on sub-affiliate referred sales. I can confirm this company does pay — I have received multiple *small* checks for 2nd tier commissions. Worth a look.

NotPot CBD Supplements Affiliate Program

NotPot CBD Gummies – Vegan CBD gummy supplements, managed through Shareasale.

Jaxon CBD Flower Affiliate Program

Jaxon CBD specializes in organic hemp flower (buds), pre-rolls and wholesale. Affiliate Commission: 15% Cookie Window: 30 Days

Savage CBD Affiliate Program

Savage CBD – CBD gummies, edibles, oils, lotions, cartridges and other vaping accessories. Program managed through refersion platform.

Pays 35% for affiliate sales with 90 day cookies. Custom coupon’s available. Coupon code THC15 for 15% off. However, I’ve never made any commissions from Savage CBD.

Miracle Seed CBD Oil Affiliate Program

Miracle Seed – Supplier of Organic Colorado-grown CBD Oil. Pays 30% commission and provides multiple banner formats & coupons for marketing tools. (via Cannaffilaite network)

Crescent Canna CBD Drops Affiliate Program

Crescent Canna – Organic USA-grown CBD products including gummies, drops, high-potency oils, isolate, freeze roller and high CBD flower & pre-rolls. Pays 30% commission. (via Cannaffiliate network)

Diamond CBD Affiliate Program

Diamond CBD – features celebrity CBD brands with nice landing pages including  Chong’s brand of gummy candies and oils. Pays 30% commission with 90 day cookies.

HealthWorx CBD Affiliate Program

HealthWorx CBD – is a Colorado, USA-made brand of organic hemp oil and tincture products. Pays 40% commissions on referrals. Managed on Impact.

EdenPure7 Affiliate Program

EdenPure7 – Full spectrum hemp oil infused pain creams, oils and gummies and other products.

Melon CBD Affiliate Program

Melon CBD – Gummies, oil and other CBD. Special landers for arthritis, pets, and other niches. THC-free products Free shipping in the USA. Program via Shareasale.

Peacock CBD Affiliate Program

Peacock CBD – Along with their own brand of premium tinctures, and topicals, they also distribute boutique brands such as Wunderkin vape products and Dolittle Farm hemp buds. Offers publishers deep links, promo codes and 15% commissions. Program via Impact.

Canzon CBD Affiliate Program

Canzon – European supplier of CBD oil, balms, and other CBD-based cosmetics. Unlike many US companies, Canzon ships to most places in Europe & has multi-lingual support.

Ships to: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

You can find Canzon on the Impact platform.

Pachamama Affiliate Program

Pachamama – Excellent branding, cool name, worth exploring. Pays 18% on referred sales. Program managed via Impact.

Green Guys CBD Distributors Program

TheGreenGuys – Huge variety of CBD products: oil, gummies, rubs, etc. Set up more like a MLM program with multiple tiers & -based commissions. USA- based, but ships internationally.

Canibrands Affiliate Program

Canibrands – Balms, Creams and Sublingual drops. Pays 25% on sales, with a 30 day cookie. On the Cannaffiliate network.

Affiliate Networks with CBD Brands

Shareasale.com Affiliate Network

Shareasale – Many CBD merchandisers and 100s of CBD affiliate products in one place including the top celebrity CBD brands.

CannAffiliate Network

CannAffiliate –  Niche affiliate network catering to CBD merchants & other cannabis products and services.

CBDAffs Affiliate Network

CBDAffs – Unique affiliate network focused solely on CBD brands. They have a surprisingly large amount of offers including a few big names like Diamond CBD. I am new to this network (Sep 2020), so will report when I have more info.

CJ Affiliate Network

CJ.com – one of the oldest and largest affiliate networks has a few dozen CBD merchants including JustCBD and Direct CBD.

Impact Partnership Cloud

Impact.com – Formerly Impact Radius has a rapidly growing database of international CBD brands including Healthworx CBD, Peacock CBD, Canzon and dozens more.

Wholesale CBD Affiliate Programs

Boulder Creek Infusions – Is the most straightforward bulk & wholesale supplier of full-spectrum CBD oil in 55 gallon, 5 Gallon and 1 Gallon containers. Affiliate program via CannAffiliate.

Extract Labs – Bulk CBD & CBD Isolate. Affiliate program managed on Impact.com platform.

Tiger One.eu – Wholesale CBD oil, hemp seed, testing kits and other cannabis merchandise. European-based, with almost worldwide shipping. In-house affiliate program.

See my full list of Wholesale CBD Suppliers and CBD Dropshippers.

More Cannabis Affiliate Marketing Resources

Looking for general cannabis affiliate programs for products like seed, grow supplies, headshop and cannabis novelties? Check full list of cannabis-related affiliate programs and Amazon associate alternatives.

I’ve also maintain a list of affiliate SEO tools and other software & services.

CBD Affiliate FAQ

Which is the best CBD affiliate program?

Whichever program’s products fits your audience & helps you be successful as a marketer.

Below are my top choices for CBD affiliate programs & networks. I’ve based these recommendation on my own experience of who pays, has a good interface, tools like link generators, coupons and other tools that help site owners & marketers better promote their brand(s).

  1. Avid Hemp – Oils, gummies & extracts plus many unique product offerings including high-potency, full spectrum CBD Vape Juice and Keto CBD oil. Many helpful affiliate tools like datafeeds & deep links generators.
  2. Nutra Pure – Multiple brands with a range of wellness products, including pet CBD products which seem to be a well-converting niche. Most importantly, they pay & trustworthy from my personal experience.
  3. Diamond CBD – This CBD affiliate program features multiple celebrity brands like Chong Gummies (of Cheech and Chong) – These have a higher click-thru rate than generic sounding CBD brands in my experience.
  4. Shareasale – Large affiliate network, featuring 100s of CBD brands across dozens of merchants. I’ve worked with them for 10+ years. They pay like clockwork.

    I recommend Shareasale as a good starting point for those new to affiliate marketing (or as my first choice for an alternative to Amazon Affiliates). In fact, to access the Diamond CBD and Avid Hemp affiliate programs you’ll need an account at Shareasale — where the program is managed.

How to become an CBD affiliate?

First, you need to learn about and become an affiliate in general. Affiliate marketing is broad term for referring others to products you do not directly sell yourself. You’ll need some sort platform to promote other’s products, for most affiliates this is done by websites. Though — social media, podcasting and other possibilities exist.

Once you have an audience, you’ll need to find merchants to team up with as an affiliate. The list on this page is a good start, but you might want to look at networks first, as they give you access to many brands in one centralized interface.

How to avoid CBD affiliate scams?

Be cautious with new businesses, especially those with in-house affiliate programs. There are many companies who create affiliate programs with no intention of ever paying their affiliates. If you stick with trusted affiliate networks (like Shareasale, CJ, Impact) that validate and require deposits, you’ll avoid the majority of scam affiliates.

How big is the CBD consumer market?

Retail sales in the USA surpassed 1 billion dollar in 2019, and some are forecasting that number to increase 10-fold to over 10 billion by 2024.

According to a 2019 Consumer Reports survey of 4000 people:

  • 40% of 18-29 year olds,
  • 32% of 30-44 year olds ,
  • and 23% of 45-59 year olds … have tried CBD products.

Have a Suggestion? Am I missing an important CBD or hemp affiliate program? Please comment below or contact me @thcaffiliates to let me know.

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