Cannabis-Friendly Advertising Networks (which are worth your time?)

While recreational marijuana is legal in Canada, South Africa, Uruguay, and some parts of the United States — as a regulated substance, advertising and marketing is not as straight-forward as other products.

Even CBD, which is broadly legal and available in the United States, has special regulations, especially when it comes to CBD health claims.

Because of this, some traditional advertising methods and networks are not available to cannabis business. So, I’ve put together this list of cannabis advertising networks and marketing resources. (please get in touch if I’ve missed one!)

I’ve divided the page into display, native, and affiliate networks, though there is some overlap between these categories.

Cannabis Affiliate Advertising Networks

Affiliate adverting networks connect advertisers (merchants) to publishers (affiliates) through a common platform. Instead of paying for clicks or impressions, you pay publishers commissions on sales.

The following affiliate networks accept CBD and cannabis-related advertisers: – ShareaSale is one of the largest, longest running, and most reputable affiliate networks, CBD and cannabis accessories (like vapes, papers, etc).

CannAffiliate – Cannabis-only affiliate network with that accepts a variety of legal cannabis merchants including dispensaries & delivery services, CBD brands, vaporizers and accessories.

CBDAffs – CBD-only affiliate network with thousands of affiliate partners and about 50 merchants. (aka commission junction) huge affiliate network with some of the biggest brands across a range of industries, and allow CBD and some cannabis accessories advertisers.

Clickbank – Clickbank is another longtime affiliate network that has allows cannabis-related information products and CBD brand advertisers.

Impact – Huge network of advertisers and publishers that allows some CBD and cannabis accessory products.

Cannabis Display Advertising Networks

Display advertising is most often banners, videos, modal windows, etc. often bought on a CPM or CPC basis. Sometimes display & native advertising (next section) are inter-changeable terms.

The following display networks accept CBD and cannabis-related advertisers:

Puff Network – Helps connect cannabis-related brands with premium content publishers such as Skunk and HighTimes. $500 minimum monthly spend.

Traffic Roots Cannabis and CBD display, banner, video and native advertising options. No minimum monthly spend.

HealthyAds – Accepts all types of CBD Advertising across their network of health websites offering programmatic & highly targeted campaigns.

Native Advertising Networks

Native advertising means the ads blend into the user experience. This is accomplished in all sorts ways varying between elegant and annoying. Most often you’ll see ads blended in as “related articles” or infographics with a style that matches the website they are featured on.

Here are the top cannabis-friendly native advertising networks: – Outbrain is the biggest native advertising network, and allows promotion of CBD products and cannabis-related investments or stocks in a variety of formats. Monthly minimum spend is about $300. See full details about cannabis adverts in their advertiser guidelines.

Mantis Ad Network – Mantis is a cannabis-specific native ad network. Self-serve display, mobile, native, video, and re-targeted ad campaigns available. Publishing partners include the Food Network, Leafly, and WikiLeaf. Minimum first deposit is $250.

Taboola – You are sure to have seen Taboola ads before. You may also like…accompanied by stock photos and click-baity headlines. CBD and cannabis is not on their list of prohibited content, though I’d recommend checking in with them before starting a campaign. (though, this is one of my least favorite ad networks)

Other Cannabis Advertising Networks

Advertising networks and platforms for cannabis that don’t fit neatly into one of the other categories, but are still worth looking into:

Adistry – Is a unique platform that allows cannabis brands to search, compare, and purchase advertising & sponsorships from hundreds of publishers & influencers. Though, not a cannabis-specific network, it is one of their specialties.


What are the restrictions on cannabis and CBD advertising?

The United States and Canada actually have broadly similar rules. Generally these include:

  1. No showing consumption of the product.
  2. No showing the cannabis products without an age verification.
  3. No health / medical claims.
  4. No advertising to minors.

However, laws vary from country to country, state to state — and regulated & enforced by the FTC and FDA in the United States. In Canada, there is very little room for branding as even cartoon characters or celebrity endorsements are strictly forbidden consult the Cannabis Act for the details.

Also see our illustrated guide to Cannabis Advertising in Canada.

Have a suggestion for an advertising network I’ve left out of this list? Let me know in the comments below or get in touch through twitter @thcaffiliates Thanks!

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