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You don’t have to sell cannabis (or even use it) to participate in the booming legal marijuana economy. Novel business opportunities are appearing daily to keep pace with the ever-expanding medical and recreational applications of marijuana.

These quick shifts are creating a bustling of dispensaries, startups, investors, and dreamers who are excited about new opportunities in the business of cannabis.

Latest Updates and Additions

March 2024
Legal news: Cannabis will be legal for recreational use in Germany starting on April 1st, 2024. No, this isn’t a prank!

Site news: I’ve added a CDN to help speed-up loading times. This website was already fast, but have been trying to score better on Google’s Page Speed Insights… hopefully this helps.


Sept 2023 – Cleaned-up and updated many resources with new information and content. Removed my twitter feed, as twitter seems to be dying — not sure what I will do to replace it, as I used it as an easy way to track legalization changes in real-time.

Aug 2023 – Updated Where is Cannabis Legal? page for clarity and to reflect legislation changes over the past few months.

May 2023 – New resource published: cannabis stock photo & design resources, plus updates to many other pages completed over the past month.

Feb 2023 – I’ve written a quick introduction to affiliate marketing, please let me know what you think! Also, the wholesale CBD supplier page has gotten a major update.

Jan 2023 – I’ve been busy updating all the content on the site to clean out dead links and adding new resources, including a completely revised version of cannabis business ideas – one of our most popular resources.

Dec 2022 – New resource: Cannabis Franchises published.

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