Wholesale CBD Oil & Isolate Suppliers and Pricing [+Dropshippers]

If you are looking to purchase large quantities of CBD oil, isolates and other hemp-derived products, you might find it hard to find vendor sources & pricing. This list has taken many hours to put together, I hope you find it useful.

CBD Wholesale Suppliers

Whether you are looking for industrial sized amounts direct from cultivators, or just enough to craft and create your own products, you should find what you are looking for in the following list.

ps: if it isn’t obvious; many of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase after clicking through, I receive a commission. Learn more.

Wholesale Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

55 gallons of cbd oil

Boulder Creek Infusions – Wholesale and bulk supplier of full-spectrum CBD oil. BCI uses a simple non-solvent process to extract its premium CBD oil by infusing hemp in coconut oil, to protect unique botanical compounds found in the hemp plant.

You can easily purchase large quantities of high-quality CBD online including 55 gallon, 5 Gallon and 1 Gallon oil containers through BCI.

  • Location: Colorado, USA
  • Wholesale pricing: Starts at $1750 / gallon of oil

Bulk tinctures and bulk white label retail products available. Check availability.

Bulk CBD & CBG Isolate from Lazarus

Lazarus Naturals offers wholesale-size quantities of lab-tested, pesticide-free CBD isolate in as high as 100 gram and 200 gram containers, and is formulations and dilutions.

In addition, they offer CBG (cannabigerol) isolate in 5 and 20 gram bulk containers.

US-based in the Pacific Northwest with shipping (via DirectCBD) within the USA, plus Australia, United Kingdom, Italy and other places where legal.

Lazarus is probably one the best options for high-quality CBD & CBG isolates available online from reputable distributors. Check availability.

ExtractLabs Wholesale CBD & CBG

ExtractLabs offers CO2-extracted CBD and CBG isolates in a crystalline powder form, in bulk amounts up to 500 grams.

A generous 50% discount is available to veterans, first-responders, teachers and other qualified individuals.

  • Location: Colorado, USA
  • Wholesale pricing: CBD isolate starts at $75 / 5 grams. CBG isolate starts at $130 / 5 grams
  • Shipping: Ships almost worldwide. Free shipping within USA.

White labeling, bulk discounts on retail products, and wholesale accounts available. Visit ExtractLabs

Hemp Extract Crude from Oliver’s Harvest

Crude Hemp Extract can be hard to source.

Oliver’s Harvest is a NC, USA based producer of non-GMO, non-pesticide, lab-tested CBD & supplier of hemp extract crude, bulk, wholesale and white label services.

Crude hemp extract starts at $10/gram, and is discounted at higher quantities. With purchases of 1kg extract priced at $2850 and as low as $2600 per kilo.

  • Location: North Carolina, USA
  • Wholesale pricing: As low as $2.6 / per gram of crude hemp
  • Shipping: Ships within USA.

White label services available for a variety of products. Visit Oliver’s Harvest.

Eden’s CBD Wholesale Pricing

Eden’s Herbals – US-based distributor of gummies, oil, tinctures, dog treats, skin care and concentrated CBD isolate powder.

The online shop offers wholesale pricing for bulk quantities on all of their products, and also have special wholesale products for retailers-only.

Ships within the USA only.

Wholesale CBD for Retail from GFN

Gift from Nature – Wholesale pricing (free registration required) and bulk ordering on huge selection of CBD products including gummies, oils, edibles, vapeables, topicals and more.

Location: Florida, USA

CBD Wholesale Global Cannabanoids

Global Cannabanoids – Wholesale distributors of pure CBD oil, isolates and other hemp-derived products.

Plus: Wholesale and bulk CBD & CBG Isolates, Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC), high-CBD hemp seeds and other raw materials as well as wholesale retail products.

US-based and ships to many locations worldwide.

Hemp Oil Canada

Hemp Oil Canada – Canada’s first hemp-exclusive seed processing facility, founded in 1998.

Producers of hemp oil, seeds, and protein. FDA and GRAS certified.

Based in Manitoba, Canada and export globally.

Wholesale Hemp Flower for Resell

Jaxon CBD – Oregon supplier of bulk, wholesale organic hemp flower and products. If you’re looking for resell quantities of hemp flower, smalls, pre-rolls, biomass, trim, crude, distillate or isolate; Jaxon is worth checking out.

Available strains include: Sour Space Candy, Bubba Kush, CBG, Siskiyou Gold, Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Blossom, Suver Haze, Cherub, Cascade Berry, T1, Frosted Lime, Citrus Haze and many others.

CBD Dropshipping Services

Most often you’ll find dropshipping suppliers & services through specialized networks that offers multiple merchants from one centralized location – similar to an affiliate network. However, with dropshipping — you’ll often be charged a monthly fee to use their services.

When looking at possible dropship partners (for CBD or otherwise), I suggest signing up for the free accounts in order to preview which brands and products are available.

Inventory Source Dropshipping

Inventory Source – Dropshipping directory & integration service that features hundreds of CBD suppliers and thousands of CBD products.

Sign up for a free account to view their directory of merchants & available products to see if they suit your audience.

Source of Goods Dropshipping

SourceofGoods – Not traditional wholesale, but a wholesale dropshipping membership website of a variety of consumer products, including hemp and CBD.

Free plan with limited products available so you can suss out the options. I have no experience with them.

Wholesale2B Dropshipping

Wholesale2B – Dropshipping clearing house with large database of merchants including CBD suppliers in multiple geographies including USA, Europe & the UK.

Automate Product Uploads, Sync Inventory, & Orders Processing – free account available in order to view database.

Alternatives to Wholesale & Dropshipping

You may also consider affiliate marketing as an alternatives to CBD wholesale or dropshipping fulfillment services.

Other Cannabis Wholesale Suppliers

The following cannabis wholesalers offer a variety of bulk products beyond CBD that may be of interest.

VAPORL / VaporMo Wholesale Vapes

VAPORL Wholesale – Access Chinese wholesale vape, headshop supplies and accessories.

International supplier with warehouses in the United States, Germany, Hong Kong and France. Ships almost worldwide.

Tiger One Wholesale CBD Seeds and Oil

Tiger One Wholesale  – Bulk cannabis seeds in lots of 100 or more.

Wholesale CBD oil, hemp seed, testing kits and other cannabis merchandise also available with wholesale account.

Registration required (free) to see prices or order wholesale. European-based, with almost worldwide shipping.

BioHazard Inc Wholesale

Biohazardinc.com – Wholesale products for US cannabis dispensaries and smoke shops.

Application required, free membership. $300 min order. Ships within USA only.

HBI Canada Wholesale

HBIcanada.com – Wholesale-only rolling and smoking accessories from brands such as RAW, Zippo, and Hammercraft . Ships to Canada only.

BootStrap Farming Supplies

BootStrapFarmer.com  – Greenhouse parts and materials for growers. The online shop supplies seed trays, greenhouse parts and complete kits for cultivators.

The website is an excellent source of information and tutorials for those researching cultivating in greenhouses.

Ships to USA and Canada.

Wholesale CBD FAQs

How much does CBD cost wholesale?

This depends on the type, quality & amount. Crude hemp oil extract can be found around $3 to $10 per gram. Full-spectrum MCT oil can run about 30 – 60 cents per ml. Bulk CBD, CBG, etc isolates are about $3-$14/gram sourced in North America from manufacturers and distributors.

Some real life examples of wholesale CBD prices available online:

  • Crude hemp oil extract is available for $2850 per kg (or less) by Oliver’s Harvest.
  • Bulk CBD isolate powder costs vary greatly about $420 per 100 grams from Lazarus Naturals and $900 per 100 grams via Extract Labs.
  • Boulder Creek offers 1 gallon containers of full-spectrum MCT CBD oil (50mg per mL) for $1750 (about 45 cents per mL).

More Cannabis Business Resources

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Have I’ve missed a CBD manufacturer, wholesale distributor, or other bulk supplier that should be featured here? please let me know. Thanks!

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