Make Money from Legal Cannabis: Affiliate Programs and Resources

This is a growing list of affiliate programs and advertising networks with cannabis-related goods and services. If you publish a website and are looking for an extra income, or you are a full-time digital marketer, I think you will find this list useful.

With hemp, CBD and other cannabis products becoming legal, it’s a great time to get your foot in the door. The legal weed & CBD industry is going to be a major cash cow for decades to come.

It’s exciting to be apart of the ground floor. One way to do so, without much investment, is by affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other people’s projects & services and receive a commission.

Below you’ll find our round-up of the most well-known cannabis-related affiliate programs. Affiliate programs are like referral programs. You get paid a percentage (or sometimes a flat-rate) of sales referred to a merchant.

Growing and Smoking Accessories Tiered Referral Program – Large online headshop and magazine. Bongs, Bubblers, Vaporizers and much more.

Smoke Cartel Affiliate & Referral Program (USA) – Hip bongs, vapes and other smoking accessories.

  • 7% on sales with 7-day cookie
  • Also has a refer-a-friend program

Super Closet Growing Equipment

Super Closet – Grow box kits and other growing equipment.

  • 10% paid on sale. Claims average commission of $200.
  • Program via Shareasale

Namaste Vapes

Namaste Vapes – Vaporizers and other smoking accessories

  • Base Commission: 10-15% per sale
  • Program via Shareasale

Cannabis Education & Courses

GreenCulturED Online Cannabis Certifications and Courses – Offers a variety of certifications and training related to cannabis industry. Founded in 2012 and based in Colorado.

  • 60% commission on most courses
  • Lots of affiliate resources, worth checking out

Growing Elite Marijuana Affiliate Program – Course on Growing Marijuana, eBook & membership. (hardcover version available as well, but via amazon)

  • Pay-Per-Sale 57% for each sale you deliver. ( About $30/sale)
  • Payments made once per month, for the previous month. Lots of marketing materials.

THC University Affiliate Program

THC –  Offers courses on cultivation and beyond.

  • For serious marijuana entrepreneurs. Certified classes start at $50
  • $25 per student sign up, Monthly payouts, and 30-day cookie

Mail Order Marijuana Affiliate Programs (MOMs)

Green Society Referral Program – Mail Order Marijuana. Buy Weed Online in Canada

  • Hard to find published details of their affiliate program. But, will add details when I have it.

WeedSmart Referral Program (Canada) РOne of Canada’s premier Mail Order Marijuana dispensaries.

  • For each referral that spends over $200, they offer $20 that you can use towards your next purchase.
  • True affiliate program coming soon.

Buds2Go Affiliate Program (Canada) – Canadian online dispensary

  • 10.00% of each completed sale, pre-tax

 Cannabismo Referral program (Canada) – Not a true affiliate program. But, for each referral, you earn $20 store credit.

Seed Affiliate Programs

Seedsman Cannabis Seeds Affiliate Program – For high quality recreational and medicinal strains.

  • Pays 15% commission with 60-day cookies.
  • 5% for referred affiliate sales
  • Pays by wire or Paypal. Minimum payout is $100.

Crop King Seeds Affiliate Program – Canadian seed company with pre-fem-auto and dwarf varieties.

  • Pay-Per-Sale 20% for each sale you deliver. (5% on sub-affiliates)
  • $200.00 USD – Minimum balance required for payout.

MMJ Cards and Services

Dr. Weedy Affiliate Program

Dr. – Medical MMJ Card Affiliate for California and New York.

  • Pays 10% on referred orders.

CBD and Health Products

Savage CBD Affiliate Program

Savage CBD – CBD edibles, oils, lotions, cartridges and other vaping accessories.

  • Earn 35% when customers purchase using your referral link
  • 90 day cookies
  • Share this coupon code: THC15

CBD Pure Tiered Affiliate Program

  • CBD Pure – CBD oil
  • 40% commission on sales +5% on sub-affiliate referrals

Canna Trading

CannaTrading – CBD oil, tinctures and vape products.

  • 25% Commission.

Vitalized Hemp

Vitalized Hemp – Hemp Extracts and Tinctures

  • 25% Commission. 60 Day cookie.

Pet Health CBD

PetHealthCBD – Pet CBD supplies.

  • 25% Commission. 60 Day cookie.

NotPot CBD Supplements

NotPot CBD Gummies – Vegan CBD supplements.

Kraken Kratom Affiliate Program

Kraken Kratom – 10% Pay-per-Sale for the first order of a customer

Advertising networks with Cannabis Merchants

ShareASale Advertising Network – Shareasale is probably the longest running/most reputable affiliate network that supports some cannabis-related merchants.

If you don’t already have an affiliate account with Shareasale, you’ll need to sign for one before you can access the affiliate programmers for these merchants:

  • EveryoneDoesIt – Calls itself the worlds one-stop, online smoke shop. Large selection of bongs, pipes, vaporizers and all manner of other smoking accessories. Default commission is 10%. Has a product datafeed.
  • GreenGoddessSupply – Popular smoke shop with wide range of merchandise including glass, grinders, vapes and various bundles (great gift ideas). The commission is 10-18% depending on volume.
  • Avid Hemp – Avid Hemp
  • CannaTrading – CBD oil, tinctures and vape products. 25% Commission.
  • Vitalized Hemp – 25% Commission. 60 Day cookie.
  • PetHealthCBD – Pet CBD supplies. 25% Commission. 60 Day cookie.
  • NotPot CBD Gummies – Vegan CBD supplements.
  • Kraken Kratom – 10% Pay-per-Sale for the first order of a customer

And if you are a merchant, and looking to reach a wider base of publishers and affiliates – you should check out Shareasale’s merchant services.

Clickbank Affiliate Network

Clickbank – Clickbank is another longtime affiliate network that has some Cannabis-related information products.

CJ Affiliate Network has jumped onboard and now has a few dozen CBD and vaping merchants. If you aren’t already a CJ affiliate, it’s worth signing up as they are one of the biggest & oldest networks around.

Have a Suggestion?

Please leave a comment below if you have a recommendation for a program that we missed. If it seems legitimate, I’ll add it to this page.

Something broken? Please comment below and I’ll aim to fix asap.


Last update: January 1, 2020

12 thoughts on “Make Money from Legal Cannabis: Affiliate Programs and Resources”

  1. offers 5% lifetime commissions for its advertisers and publishers that refer other advertisers and publishers to their network. Users are automatically enrolled in the CannaBizADN Referral Program once signed up.

  2. If I were to review, I would suggest staying away from GreenSociety.
    I signed up as an affilaite with them just over a month ago as well as signed up with other programs in Canada.
    According to GS stats, I havve had almost 400 visits in less than a month with no conversion. Not one!!
    Compared to other sites where I have had 15-20 visits with 5-6 conversions in a week’s time!!
    Contact GS to inquire and they told me that all info was correct.
    I myself think it is a SCAM. Do not believe they are as honest as they claim.
    Lots of bad reviews on Reddit.
    Just my experience-anyone else?

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