Where to Hire Cannabis Freelancers & Professionals?

While there are numerous online platforms that connect clients and freelancers across the globe, in this guide we have highlighted the most popular options that feature cannabis-specific professionals.

Freelance Marketplaces

The following websites offer the largest variety of freelancers — whether you are looking for writers, designers, marketers, consultants, the following likely have the freelance skills you need.


Fiverr is an increasingly popular online platform that allows you to find skilled professionals to assist you with every aspect of your cannabis brand.

The entire world of freelance talent is available once you create an account. You’ll be surprised by the number of cannabis & CBD-specific services offered, such as

  • cannabis logo & package design
  • writing and guest posting
  • digital marketing & SEO
  • and so much more.
Example Fiverr Results for “Cannabis Designers”

Whether you’re the CEO of a cannabis brand or the HR specialist, Fiverr offers protected payments and 24/7 support for your peace of mind.

Fiverr has two-levels of freelancers: standard and “Fiverr for business”. Standard being the original service, where you can find freelancers for as little as $5.

Learn more about Fiverr classic & Fiverr Business here.


With over 12 million freelancers, Upwork is one of the most well-known freelance platforms in the world.

The beauty of Upwork lies in its ability to help you scale your business when you’re ready. Upwork provides a complete platform for hiring and managing teams of freelancers from around the world.

Unlike traditional hiring agencies, Upwork allows you to find the perfect freelance cannabis professional for a specific task. Once a freelancer completes the task, it’s up to you to continue the relationship.

The downside is that Upwork provides so many tools it can be overwhelming for quick projects.

Regardless of the size of your cannabis company, you’ll never be short of independent professionals available on Upwork.

Here are a few tips to follow before you hire a freelance professional on Upwork:

  • Provide an in-depth job description
  • Interview the candidate to ensure he/she understands the task at hand
  • Ask for samples of published work or request references
  • Always discuss terms and conditions before starting the project

Overall, Upwork is a a go-to destination for the world’s increasingly large set of freelancer. If you’re ready to find new talent for your cannabis-related project — worth a look. Learn more about Upwork here.


Kolabtree – This is a unique freelance marketplace for hiring PH.D qualified scientists, researchers and other academics.

Kolabtree Marketplace
  • No upfront fees or minimum contract to get started.
  • Flexible payments, fixed or hourly.

There are a variety of cannabis-specialist freelance scientists, doctors and experts for hire from around the world. Worth exploring. (editors note: I haven’t tried Kolabtree yet, but plan on using for an upcoming project. will post my review here.)

Learn more at Kolabtree.com


Freelancer.com – Similar to Upwork. Joining and posting jobs is free, fees are incurred for hiring.

Other Places to Look


Unlike Upwork and Fiverr, Leafwire is an online marketplace for cannabis-specific jobs.

However, Leafwire isn’t just an online job board — it’s also a lucrative meeting place for cannabis entrepreneurs and investors. If your cannabis brand is at the startup phase, Leafwire is an interesting platform to gain valuable connections throughout the marijuana industry.

Leafwire is not as large as more notable platforms, such as Upwork or Fiverr. As such, the number of freelance professionals is limited, but there is a good variety of consultants.

See the cannabis pro marketplace on Leafwire here.


If you’re only searching for a content writer, Textbroker may provide you with a solution.

Thousands of freelance writers offer their services on Textbroker. However, you’ll need to sift through each individual to ensure they have the working knowledge to provide engaging content for the cannabis industry.

There are only a handful of cannabis-knowledgeable writers on the platform, but if you need something written very quickly, Textbroker can be a great option.

Visit Textbroker to learn more.


Linkedin – Subscribe to one of the paid plans to access special recruiting tools.

ProBlogger Jobs

ProBlogger Jobs – Long running job board for hiring professional writers and editors.

Which Service Should You Use?

Whether your brand requires an SEO specialist or a content manager for your upcoming Youtube campaign — you’ll find many options browsing the above websites.

Overall, for casual low-to mid-size budgets the best platform to find freelance cannabis professionals is Fiverr or Upwork. Both host millions of freelance professionals that provide every service you could hope for. Fiver is better suited to one-off projects, while Upwork is better for hourly, imo.

Kolabtree is ideal for true cannabis experts, scientists and medical writers.

If you are looking for ancillary services like cannabis accountants and legal services, then Linkedin, Leafwire and Ganjapreneur would be good places to start your search.

Conclusion and Further Resources

If you’re ready to expand your offerings or get your brand off the ground, it’s time to find competent freelance cannabis professionals.

Here are a few tips to consider before hiring a freelance professional for your cannabis brand:

  • Read the candidate’s reviews and verify that they have a stellar reputation
  • Discuss terms and conditions before starting the project
  • Request previously published samples
  • Provide an in-depth job description


What is the advantage of hiring freelance instead of a regular employee?

Unlike conventional modes of hiring employees, freelance professionals work contract-to-contract. Ultimately, freelance platforms allow you the freedom to hire professionals as you need them.

Finding freelancers with cannabis-knowledge can be tricky, freelancers and consultants can fill the gaps.

What about hiring from Facebook groups?

Another notable trend is hiring freelance cannabis professionals via Facebook groups. However, we can’t recommend this route because the service isn’t protected or regulated. For example, if a dispute arises between you and the freelancer, Facebook won’t mediate the revision or refund process.

Although you may find freelancers for less money on Facebook, it’s generally best to use platforms that protect you when a situation arises.

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