Canadian Marijuana Statistics

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Consumption Statistics

  • Canadians spent $5.7 Billion on marijuana in 2017 –  Source: Statistics Canada
    • Compared to
      • Alcohol $22 billion
      • Tobacco products $16 billion
  • 5 million Canadians spent money on marijuana in 2017
    • The average consumer spends  $1,200 a year on marijuana
  • 90% of Canadian marijuana consumption estimated to be illegal

Marijuana Expenditure in Canada 1960 – 2017

Canadians Spent over 5.7 Billion Dollars on Marijuana in 2017 – source: StatsCan


Production Statistics

  • The marijuana industry is now bigger than Canada’s beer or tobacco industries.
  • Canada Produced about $3.4 billion worth of cannabis in 2014
    • Compared to $2.9 billion in the brewing industry
    • $1 billion in tobacco products
  • Canada exported $1.2 billion worth of illegal cannabis in 2017

Pricing Statistics

  • Statistics Canada calculated that the price of marijuana has, on average, increased by about 3.3 percent per year since 1967.
  • The price for a gram of cannabis peaked at $12 in 1989, and has declined by an average of 1.7 percent per year since, because of oversupply.
  • In 2017, the price is estimated to be $7.50 a gram.
  • Canada is cheaper than the USA, but more expensive than Uruguay. – source

Recommended Research Links

  • Cannabis Stats Hub from StatsCan – Statistics Canada tracks and publishes historical and modern trends in both legal and black market of marijuana.
  • WeedWiki – tracks prices mostly across the USA, but starting to track in Canada

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